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What Clients Say

"We have been working together for the past 7 years as an entrepreneur and has been an integral part of my success. He has given me sound and straight forward advice and shared his business wisdom which contributed greatly to my growth as a business owner as well as given me that outside expert look to help me see the things I couldn't see on my own. In my opinion he is a huge asset to any entrepreneur and well worth the monthly financial commitment!"


- Bruce


Small businesses account for 90% of companies, in the world. 60% of them shut down since 2020.

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Hi. I am Dirk Haupt (aka Professor Quick) and I'm on a mission to start a small business revolution!

The key to the small business lifestyle is to have an extraordinary mindset. Average thinking says "work for someone else, put in your time and retire" and the majority of the population think and lives this way. By being willing to adopt extraordinary thinking, you can achieve the business aspirations and lifestyle you dream of.

I believe in small business ownership and the lifestyle it provides - freedom, flexibility, and purpose. My passion for small business started early when I discovered a stark difference between the lifestyles of those with a j.o.b. and those with their own business. Since then, I've had several 9-5 jobs and several businesses and it's not easier, but it is better. That entrepreneurial spirit has allowed me opportunities to teach entrepreneurship for ASU's Entrepreneurship + Innovation Poder Program culminating in a "shark tank-like" pitch competition, teach business classes at Paradise Valley Community College, buy and sell businesses for clients as a business broker, as well as start 5 of my own businesses selling 2 of them. With 25+ years of experience I now am able to serve others through small business bookkeeping, back office, and as a guide for those anywhere in their journey from couch to customers, whether you are at the idea stage or you've got paying customers. 

Overall, I am just passionate about small business, teaching small business, and you the small business owner. I also love serving, including doing training for two outstanding nonprofits, Hope Women's Centers and Hustle Phoenix, I love trail running (especially when it is really hot outside!), love love love my family, my wife of 15+yrs, my twin teenage girls, and love life in general! It's a great journey! and love life in general! It's a great journey!

Our Mission:

To help people with the entrepreneurial itch, tired of the 9-5 rat race or stuck in the early stages of a business, find a clear path to the freedom, flexibility, and purpose of the small business lifestyle!

  We accomplish that through comprehensive packages:  

*all packages require a 3-month minimum engagement.

So what is the #smallbusinesslifestyle?

It is creating sustainable, profitable organization that fuels your passions for life. Want to travel more? Spend more quality time with the family? Do you want to work less hours without hurting your bank account? THAT desire is called the small business lifestyle. 

How do I create a #smallbusinesslifestyle?

  1. Know where you are now.

  2. Know where you want to go.

  3. Create a measurable plan to get to get there.

  4. Incorporate accountability and feedback into your routine.

What is it
IT Consulting

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It starts with understanding where you are today, which is why we always recommend taking our free assessment. From there we recommend:

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  • Business Evaluation: an in-depth evaluation of your organization where you get a comprehensive snapshot of your results PLUS a customized recommendation plan to get you to your goals.

From there clients choose from our "Show" or "Do" packages, depending on their needs.

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