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Know your numbers! We provide bookkeeping clean-ups as well as on-going bookkeeping so you can know your numbers, but not have to spend a bunch of time doing it. 


When you know your numbers, you can make better business decisions. Is your business model profitable? Is your strategy feasible? Will it yield the monthly cash flow you were hoping? Let's figure that out. 


We love training! Small business is a broad, exciting, fun, hard, challenging, crazy journey with lots to learn...we provide dynamic training to help you learn from others and make few mistakes.

Over the course of 4 months we were able to work on our business networking, pro formas, pitching, and strategic planning. He brought a personal approach to coaching, which made it feel more like a mentor/friend than a coach. His previous experiences starting and operating small businesses allowed him to bring clarity to these topics, and his personality made learning fun and comprehensible. 
- Payton


I want to see a small business revolution! I believe in small business ownership and the lifestyle it provides - freedom, flexibility, and purpose. My passion for small business started early when I discovered a stark difference between the lifestyles of my parents, one at a j.o.b. and the other in small business. Since then, I've had several 9-5 jobs and several businesses and it's not easier, but it is better. That passion has allowed me opportunities to teach entrepreneurship for ASU's Entrepreneurship + Innovation Poder Program culminating in a "shark tank-like" pitch competition, teach business classes at Paradise Valley Community College, buy and sell businesses for clients as a business broker, as well as start and sell 2 of my own businesses. Most of all I want to use my experiences and education to serve and help others acheive the small business lifestyle. Please let me know how I can help! 

Our Mission
To help people with the entrepreneurial itch, tired of the 9-5 rat race or stuck in the early stages of a business, find a clear path to the freedom, flexibility, and purpose of the small business lifestyle!

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